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Projects here were done under Maor Bar Studio for various clients.

Projects under other companies I worked for can be viewed upon request.


6th Gear

An app designed for use in case of a car accident. Taking into consideration the possible disoriented state of the user after an accident, the app uses a very narrow-optioned flow (wizard-like). This allows minimal room for error and also provides a sense of reassurance to the user.


An app designed to ease physical pain for people who spend a lot of their time in front of a computer. Using instructional animated videos, a scheduling system with reminders and gamification methodology, the app makes this otherwise forgotten exercises to be fun and enjoyable - and most importantly, effective.


Website Design

Promothueos offers TV broadcasting solutions with content, creative, and technology


Using cutting edge technology, Eyesight tracks hand and finger gestures to control any system with its SDK installed, with no additional hardware but a webcam. The UI must support large hand gestures as well as more subtle ones.


Games UI

To paraphrase on Dieter Rams: Good UI is as little UI as possible. Most of the gaming UI should be self explanatory, intuitive and most importantly - fun!

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